There’s nothing quite the same as feeling the freedom of the open road: the wind blowing through your hair, the expanse of free land in front of you. It’s truly how freedom tastes. But, instead of traveling by car, what if you hit the trails on a bike? Cycling holidays are all the rage and you can join in on the fun as well! If you’re considering going on your first cycling trip or you’re new to the scene in general, then keep reading to learn some essential tips to take on the road with you.

Get Your Training on

Nobody ever said that you need to train as an Olympian would but you should be in rather good shape. The type of cycling you plan on doing, meaning what kind of terrain you’ll be riding on, determines what shape you should be in. If you’re planning on climbing mountains on your bike, you should plan to be in really healthy shape. Not only would it be extremely difficult for you to handle riding up mountains if you were out of shape but it could potentially be dangerous for you as well. So make sure that you’re training well ahead of the time for your cycling holiday.

Take it Slow

There’s no reason why you need to peddle as fast as you possibly can to get to the end of your trip. You’re on a holiday, after all, so why not take it slow? Cycling in France is a beautiful experience and it should be done slowly. Take in the sights. Stop and smell the flowers. And appreciate the moment that you’re in. Don’t forget to bring a small camera, though, because you’ll most likely be witnessing some pretty remarkable things.

Wear the Right Clothes

It’s imperative that you wear the proper clothing while cycling. If you’re planning on doing a simple ride, then a t-shirt and shorts should work just fine. Just make sure that they breathe well enough. If you’re planning on going for a much longer ride, for at least for a few days, then you should consider wearing padded cycling shorts. You’ll probably think that they feel a little strange at first but they’re easy to get used to, and you’ll end up being grateful that you wore them when you’re at the end of your trip. You should also try wearing a moisture-wicking shirt to help keep you cooler in the hot sun.

Pack Light

You’re going to be cycling so you’re not going to want to carry a heavy pack with you. Pack these essentials and you’ll do just fine:

  • Sun cream to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun
  • Sunglasses, because who wants the sun shining in his or her eyes for hours on end?
  • Snacks
  • And, of course, your camera!

Cycling holidays are an adventure worth taking. It’s an incredibly gratifying feeling to set out with a mission and complete it with a smile on your face! Remember to stay hydrated, take plenty of pictures, and enjoy yourself!